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"This is, flat out, one of the best Hollywood memoirs ever written… An absolute treasure."
- David Pitt
" 'Even This I Get To Experience' is not just the brilliant, moving story of a man who has lived an amazing number of lives … but also a life-manual on how to live a life of depth, purpose and meaning..."
- Arianna Huffington
"Many have known the Man behind the stories.  Now all of us can know the stories behind the Man.  Archie, Edith, Gloria and Meathead couldn't have told them better!"
- Bill Moyers
"Fantastic stories from one of the wisest, most subversive, and most beautiful human beings the comedy world has ever known… This book is charming, awe-inspiring and hilarious."
- Trey Parker
"Norman Lear is a hero and a friend... Now that he wrote this book I can experience his journey and wisdom over and over again."
- will.i.am
"That Norman Lear can find humor in life’s darkest moments is no surprise – it’s the reason he’s been so successful throughout his more than nine decades on earth … It’s also why 'Even This I Get to Experience' is such a great read."
- President William J. Clinton
"Norman Lear could never write a more dramatic, touching, or funnier tale of his life than he’s done here."
- Carl Reiner

Norman Lear


In my ninety-plus years I’ve lived a multitude of lives. In the course of all these lives, I had a front- row seat at the birth of television; wrote, produced, created or developed more than a hundred shows; had nine on the air at the same time; founded the 300,000-member liberal advocacy group People for the American Way; was labeled the “no. 1 enemy of the American family” by Jerry Falwell; made it onto Richard Nixon’s “Enemies List”; was presented with the National Medal of the Arts by President Clinton; purchased an original copy of the Declaration of Independence and toured it for ten years in all fifty states; blew a fortune in a series of bad investments in failing businesses; and reached a point where I was informed we might even have to sell our home.

Having heard that we’d fallen into such dire straits, my son-in-law phoned me and asked how I was feeling. My answer was, “Terrible, of course,” but then I added, “but I must be crazy, because despite all that’s happened, I keep hearing this inner voice saying, ‘Even This I Get to Experience.’”


book reviews

“A TV titan on his memorable life and storied career. Lear, best known as the creative mind behind such classic comedies as All in the Family, Maude, The Jeffersons and Good Times, recounts his extraordinarily eventful life with his signature wit and irreverence. The result is not just a vividly observed and evocative portrait of a long life, but also a fascinating backstage look at the evolution of the American entertainment industry.”
— Kirkus

“This is, flat out, one of the best Hollywood memoirs ever written. In most Hollywood bios, we skip through a lot of sections, waiting to get to the good stuff, but here it’s all good stuff. Lear, the creator of the classic TV series All in the Family and Maude (among many, many others), had numerous jobs before he fell into television writing: he was a PR man, a door-to-door salesman, an inventor, a radio operator aboard a B-17 bomber, and each of these stages of his early life easily could be a book unto itself, so entertainingly does Lear write about them. And the story of how he came to be one of television’s top producers reads like the script for a really good movie: Lear teams up with a buddy to write comic songs; they parlay this into a gig writing sketches and routines for Danny Thomas, which leads to writing full-time for legends like Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, which leads (for Lear, anyway) to writing movie scripts, which leads to Lear’s changing the landscape of television in the 1970s with his truly revolutionary approach to the types of characters and themes that could appear on the small screen.

Now in his nineties, Lear writes about his own life with a sort of “can you believe it?” approach, and at times you can see him opening new doors in his own memory (as, for example, when he realizes that he’s spent most of his life trying to whitewash the truth about his father, who was a fraud and a liar but also a pretty likable guy).  An absolute treasure.”

— David Pitt

tour details

Monday, October 13 – Washington, DC
Politics and Prose Book event (interview and book signing)
6th and I
7 – 9 pm Book event

Tuesday, October 14 – New York
92nd Street Y Book event (Whoopi Goldberg interviews NL and book signing)
7:30 – 9:30 Book event

Friday, October 17 – Philadelphia
Philadelphia Free Library event
7 – 9 pm

Wednesday, November 5 – Los Angeles
LA Public Library Council Foundation dinner at Luxe Hotel
6 – 9 pm

Saturday, November 8 – Los Angeles
KPCC Book event with Amy Poehler at Royce Hall
Evening time, likely also to include another book party

Tuesday, November 11 – Los Angeles
PEN West Lifetime Achievement Award dinner
Honoring Norman, Glenn Greenwald (Julian Assange skyping in to give award)
6 – 9 pm

Thursday, November 20 – New York
Paley Center story telling event
Interview of Norman by Ted Sarandos
Daytime, time tbd

more dates to come!


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